What is discord app?

What is discord app?

Discord is a top-rated chat and video platform that helps users stay connected with friends and family around the world. The app is available on the App Store, Play Store, and can be downloaded for Windows or Mac.

Discord was founded by Jason Citron in May 2015 and has seen significant growth in a mere seven years. On Discord, users can communicate with one another via text messaging, video calls, or voice calls.

Discord was originally intended as a platform for gamers to connect with one another, but has since expanded to include servers for a number of different topics and interests, with a userbase in the millions. Whether you're into gaming, anime, or anything else, there's a Discord server for you.

Discord is a free platform that allows users to create servers and invite their friends, family or others to join them. With millions of users using Discord every day, the possibilities are endless. You can use Discord for anything from chatting with friends and family to advertising your server to others.

If you want to add some more excitement and activity to your Discord server, there are thousands of Discord bots you can choose from to liven things up. These bots can range from playing fun games with server members to bots that help keep your server safe from spam accounts. No matter what kind of Discord server you have, there's sure to be a bot out there that can help make it even better!

Discord is more popular among younger people, so the users are mostly teens and young adults. If you haven't heard of Discord, you're probably not in this demographic. You may have heard of Skype, Teamspeak, and Messenger, though. Discord is similar to these platforms in that you use them for communicating with others. However, Discord has many more functions and features that can be customized to your liking. It's more like an all-in-one app.

Discord has recently introduced many different features and functions with the goal of attracting more users and targeting a wider audience. They have recently introduced forums where you can create forum-like topics/posts for your members.

So what are you waiting for? Check discord out today!