I am a professional NFT Server Mod and Admin. I have 3+ year experince in NFT servers

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  • Category: Moderators
  • Employee: Aswath Aswath#7763
  • Discord ID: 884685931414716476

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You must add Aswath#7763 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


Hi, i am Aswath#7763. I am a professional and 3+ year experienced NFT Moderator and Admin. I also have a team with me. We work both individual and as a team. We deal from beginning if your server to after mint.


I am basically a person who like to socialize. It is said that most of the NFTs fail, but some get success. Hope, your NFT wins. As per my experience, I say that hype makes your NFT a success. Yes, i do that. If you are new to Discord, I deal with creating your nft server in a professional way and moderate and administrate your server even after your mint date. I am experinced in NfT servers, so i can deal with making your project more active. DM me fast.

Employee skills

Professional NfT server Building Server Mod and Admin (NFT) Creating contests and giveaways Quizzes Marketplace Support

Past Employers

Crypto Bunnies Crypto Fruitties Angeleye Verse Wavy Sharks Society NFT Life Golfin Gecko I have listed some servers i worked here. Dm for mo

Current Employers

Mythic Beast Clan O Mee Dysfunctional Dogs Node Donkey

Experience and contact info

Aswath#7763 [email protected] 3 + year experience as a moderator in NFT servers. Yes, also, i started a NFT project and gave it to my friend.