Need a experienced server builder?

MirtyBoi Is looking for a job!

    Employee Information

  • Category: Server Builders
  • Employee: MirtyBoi MirtyBoi#6718
  • Discord ID: 922247175013036043

How do i contact?

You must add MirtyBoi#6718 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


I will build you the perfect server designed to your comfort!


I will build you the best server you want! I can do a fully setup discord server but no custom bot. I can design the discord server to your liking so you can feel comfortable!

Employee skills

My skills are building discord servers, gaming, sports, technology, and way more! :)

Past Employers

I have worked to build so many servers in the past that I can't remember. I use to build them for free.

Current Employers

I am currently not employed with anyone at the moment.

Experience and contact info

I have built many servers for people in the past and they all loved it. I made it designed customly how they would like it. Discord: MirtyBoi#6718