ClockWork Is looking for a discord Bot Developers job!

  • ClockWork


  • Bot Developers
  • Discord ID: 531786299066286100

How do i contact?

You must add ClockWork#1612 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hire Me To Code A Bot For You!!! 👉 Moderation Commands 👉 Fun Commands 👉 Tools Commands 👉 Ticket System 👉 Music Bot 👉 Mass Dm Bot 👉 Crypto Price Tracker Bot 👉 Trivia Answer Bot AND MORE COMMANDS!!!


Hi I can code any bot for u just message me on discord what u want and price depends on which bot u want me to code , just send me desired profile picture and name of bot . I will host your bot for 24*7 so no worries .

Employee skills

I can make any discord bots for u either music , ticket , trivia , crypto bots etc I can also work as moderator in servers .

Past Employers

I have made Ticket and Mass dm bots for NFT servers which they used for their promotion

Current Employers

I am currently running my sever with 700+ members and working in few NFT servers

Experience and contact info

U can contact me in discord ( send me friend request ) : ClockWork#1612 Or mail me : [email protected]