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  • Category: Bot Developers
  • Employee: Stable Stable#1425
  • Discord ID: 760294415825764362

How do i contact?

You must add Stable#1425 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


I Can Make Any Bot For You Mass Dm Bots , Auto Moderation Bots , Simple Commands Bot , Google Bot, Crypto , NFT Price Tracker Bot , Ticket Bot Or Any Other Bot u want


I can make any bots u want , i am 18 years old Python Coder and i have 2 years experience playing with discord bots , so i am best candidate for u to make your bots and i have previously made bots in NFT servers too

Employee skills

I am a python coder , discord bot developer , discord moderator , admin and can make any discord bot u want me to make

Past Employers

I have worked in NFT servers and made mass dm bots for them and also worked in some gaming servers

Current Employers

I am currently free , working with none send me a message on discord to hire me , I have full experience for 2-3 years with discord

Experience and contact info

Message me on discord to contact me :- Stable#1425 U can also mail me to contact me , my mail is - [email protected] U can hire me on your project