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  • Discord ID: 838062857332457512

How do i contact?

You must add Ceed#4576 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I am a professional discord moderator and has lots of past experience moderating good size discord servers!


The first thing that I always do and every moderator should always do is read the rules because every server has different rules and it also tells me what to stop people from doing and to let them go on with it. I have moderated a server with at most 15,000 members in it. Also NOTE: Your server must have and active chat otherwise there is no point on moderating!

Employee skills

My skill go as far as making sure no one is breaking the rules and taking action correctly depending on what has happend. I dont ban unless abs ness.

Past Employers

I have been hired as a moderator by the official Ninja Warz NFT server that had over 15,000 members and stoped moderating because there devs were inac

Current Employers

I am currently not employed with anyone, but I also manage and grow my own discord server and community!

Experience and contact info

Like I said in the description, I will only moderate if your server has an active chat otherwise there is no point in moderating. Discord: Ceed#4576