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  • Category: Bot Developers
  • Employee: Fran Fran#1111
  • Discord ID: 327226933542912000

How do i contact?

You must add Fran#1111 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


Are you looking for a discord bot just for you and fast? I'm Fran and I will develop your Discord Bot in a few hours (depending on the request). I use my own API to develop your bot and you'll get it as soon as possible.


-- NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING REQUESTS -- Due to the big amount of projects and University taking all my time I'll try to slow down on the projects I'm working on. If you need a custom discord bot because you don't want to spend too much with monthly subscriptions, I'll create your custom bot, you will be able to customize every single detail of the bot and host it by yourself! (I can also host it for you for a low fee!) I also offer the source code if you want to hire other devs in the future. -- Bot Development -- * Small Bot: $5 USD A small bot is a bot with no complex activities. Example of Small Bots: > Role on Join Bot > Statistics Bot * Medium Bot: $15 USD A medium bot is a bot with complex activities, or more commands than a small bot. Example of Medium Bots: > Moderation Bot > Giveaway Bot > Chat Filter Bot -- SPECIAL OFFER -- I also have a special deal for you! I can give you a Pre Made bot that contains: * Giveaway System (/giveaway - /finalize-giveaway) * Moderation System (/ban - /kick - /warn - /mute - /clear) * Logging System (On Join/Leave, Message Edition/Deletion) * Reaction Role (A message to react to get roles) All of that just for $20 -- Hosting -- I'll host your bot for $5 a month! Yeah, you might find cheaper hosts but I got something better, I'll provide your bot with free updates over the time and I'll do my best to keep it running 24/7

Employee skills

I will develop your bot using Java. I will use a custom API for it so the work will be fast and you'll get your bot as soon as possible!

Past Employers

- My own discord server: Moderation, Role Sync with a Website & Tickets bot - Lutorlandia Network: Bot that shows minecraft online players

Current Employers

I'm only employed with my own server working on my bot every day to learn new stuff!

Experience and contact info

I've been developing bots for a whole year in Java. I created Moderation, Tickets & Giveaway bots. You may contact me through discord (Fran#1111).