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discharge8186 Is looking for a Discord Server Builders job!

  • discharge8186


  • Server Builders
  • Discord ID: 968316396872290404

How do i contact?

You must add discharge8186#0 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Will do almost anything and have lots of experience!


✨ Wolf Services! ✨ ------------------------------------------------------ Paid Services: Server Creation - Server Boosts or Nitro or Robux Server Manager - Server Boosts or Nitro or Robux Partnership Manager - Server Boosts or Nitro or Robux Other - Server Boosts or Nitro or Robux ------------------------------------------------------ Free Services: For servers with 10 or less members ------------------------------------------------------ Payments: Nitro Server Boosts Robux ------------------------------------------------------ Payment can be discussed in DM's and if the jobs you need are not in the list, you can just DM me about them and I might accept! DM @MidnightWolf for more info!

Employee skills

Have worked and helped make multiple servers and good at it too!

Past Employers

@Alpha™#9484 @InvisibleCrystal_24k#8123 @MidnightWold#9022

Current Employers

Hallow Advertisement, Galaxy promotions, Alpha Advertising

Experience and contact info

Hallow Servers- https://discord.gg/8gGSQbgpfH, Galaxy promotions-https://discord.gg/wH4HKYWM, Alpha Advertising- https://discord.gg/zeHjnpd4