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I am iron man#2841 I am iron man#2841 Server Builders
I Am author and poet

I build server for those who need one and allow them to grow

RhyzAsahina#6687 RhyzAsahina#6687 Moderators
Looking for a Moderator?

Hi, You can call me Rhyz, I'm an experience Discord Moderator of a Youtuber's Server over 30K+ for almost 3 years prior. If you're looking for a moderator in your server, feel free to contact me on discord.

Zaveran#9085 Zaveran#9085 Moderators
NFT Moderator

Hello, I’m Demitrius Young. I’ve been in the NFT space since Late January of 2022. I want to share my passion for helping people and to help build a better right knit community where it is like a second family.

Chiquinho#9222 Chiquinho#9222 Moderators
Loking for a paid moderator job

Hi, this is Chico. I'm looking for someone to give me the opportunity to learn and start working as a moderator

SPUNKY#3513 SPUNKY#3513 Moderators

I am a friendly guy who is strict with the rules and I give my very best in whatever I'm doing.

Terribia#4420 Terribia#4420 Moderators
(PAID, 2yrs+ Exp) Senior/Technical Moderator/Admin/Builder for NFT servers

I'm a digital artist, Discord user since 2016, and a seasoned moderator. Currently on various NFT collections, dapps, marketplaces, & startups as a Technical & Head Moderator. [Contact anytime! SOL ONLY]

TheCarBun#6462 TheCarBun#6462 Administrators
I can help you build your server

Hi I'm Bun. I'm 20 years old, male and I love building servers. Hire me to get yourself your dream server.

-Minni3#2529 -Minni3#2529 Event Manager
🌸*PAID* Events Manager🌸

Hi I'm -Minni3#2529! I own a server called Asian Bearsh Cafe and moderated for big servers like Kitsune and Asian High. You can check out my server dsc.gg/Bearsh to see what I can do. -CIW Certificate in Web Design

PappaBronte#5999 PappaBronte#5999 Moderators
Discord Moderator

I have some experience in moderating. Was a mod in a 60+ people discord server which sadly fell apart because of the owners personal problems. : Friendly : No life meaning I can moderate a lot : Can take responsibility

dee_e |YF#3296 dee_e |YF#3296 Moderators

I am a very dedicated and hard-working mod Who is very adaptable to ever changing workflows. I also pride myself in being a big team player