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eliasempresas eliasempresas Other
Elias Empresas

Olá aqui é as Elias Empresas As Elias Empresas adora ajudar pessoas

finiusoconnor finiusoconnor Administrators
Samuel's Resume

Hey, I'm Sam and I could be your man! ..Jokes aside, I'm a Discord server Moderator/Admin who has TONS of experience. Don't believe me? Feel free to ask!

thejoepage thejoepage Website Developers
Website and API Developer

A website developer with over 6 years of experience building and integrating website design and infrastructure, as well as APIs for multiple types.

cryptosquadeth cryptosquadeth Moderators
Professional Discord Server setup and moderation

We are a team of 10 people who provide complete crypto based discord server setup and moderation. All our staffs have been in this field for more than 5 years and we provide all kinds of services

maskedquestion maskedquestion Other
Video Editor

I've been doing video editing for over 3 years and want to get more professional about it.

ethan123454109 ethan123454109 Moderators
Moderator/Twitter Contributer

I love Interacting online and creating excitement around projects, particlarly in the Web3 space. I have been involved in crypto for 5 years and my love only grows. I would love to be apart of a serious project!

jonath6524 jonath6524 Server Builders
Complete Discord Setup, Community Builder, Moderator

I'm Jack, been deep into the NFT world since the pandemic craze started and fortunate enough to work on over 21 NFT projects already! Still learning a ton, & also looking to jump in and help something amazing take off!

.quik_bateman .quik_bateman Moderators
Discord Moderator

hi! my name is yassen , I am a discord moderator I was actually looking for a server to moderate Recently , I left the server I was moderating because of some problems.

melissa978 melissa978 Administrators
Moderator or helper job

I consider myself an active person able to solve problems quickly, have self-control and also a good performance under pressure, I am able to communicate effectively with people and I like to learn and strive every day

.sathanus. .sathanus. Partner Managers
Blane Newman

Hello my name is Blane Newman and i would like to hello and assest you in your server i own a server of my own and i would like to be able to make money for my server

flyingyt flyingyt Moderators
Looking For a DC Server to Moderate

Hello, Im Max from Germany and ‎im looking for a server to moderate!

thirstysnows thirstysnows Administrators

Born and raised in Florida, 24 year old Florida municipal Police Officer who’s been involved with discord for over 3+ years now. Searching for communities to help moderate.

willnottalk68 willnottalk68 Moderators
WillNotTalk Discord Community Mod

I'm Daniel, a 17 year old broke teenager looking for work. For more info visit my web. https://willnottalk.carrd.co/

sec158 sec158 Moderators

International discord moderation agency for 24/7 moderation.

imaskdude imaskdude Moderators

Hi my name is Lukas and I'm from the US. I strive to be the best moderator possible, and can help out with your server and helping people.

shatteredclique shatteredclique Administrators
Attractive Internet Influencer

My name is Ben. I'm Canadian and I voicechat 24/7 in my Discord Server: Broken Souls. Discord.gg/shatteredclique https://discord.gg/broken-souls-tm-social-emotes-emojis-anime-nitro-e-746495760840917012

codingeek45 codingeek45 Moderators
Discord Moderator/Admin/Server design

I am a hard-working indevidual! I strive to do the best I can in any situation. I am a Discord server staff member. I have multiple different roles in multiple different servers.

.aonik .aonik Moderators
Community Moderator / Server Creator

Hi my name is Ashley im 25 and from the UK. I have always loved technology and learning new skills.

dragonzap2003 dragonzap2003 Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am looking to start as an entry-level Moderator. I have personal experience using Discord. I am very willing to learn more.

1kit__kat1 1kit__kat1 Moderators
Discord Moderator/Admin/ Management/Server design/build

I have extensive experience and have been an active member of several large Discord servers for years. I am organized and detail-oriented, if you need a moderator, admin or have an open job space, free to reach out.

kate.1207 kate.1207 Moderators
Experience and Active Moderator!

My name is Kate. I'm 15 years old and Im from Indonesia. My timezone is GMT+7. My hobby is playing games on roblox and chatting on discord. Looking for big server to mod in but small is still okay just chat me!


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