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0Little_Nugget0#2665 0Little_Nugget0#2665 Moderators

I am a dedicated and versatile individual with a passion for learning, growth, and collaboration. I believe in the power of teamwork and the importance of creating a positive impact in the community.

BNT#7020 BNT#7020 Moderators
Free Server Moderator

Hi there! I'm Zach, a person who has experience in moderating servers, along with experience with bots.

W_MNQ#6074 W_MNQ#6074 Administrators
Looking for staff position

Hello! My name is W_MNQ, though you can call me pickles. I’ve been on discord for over 4 years [I have multiple accounts that I’ve sadly lost :(! ] I hope I can help your server out!

Rusho2002#1875 Rusho2002#1875 Other
Staff Member

I am experienced with discord I have been staff In multiple of different types of discord servers ranging from NFTs to gaming.

Gintoki Jobs#1618 Gintoki Jobs#1618 Moderators
Discord Moderator

Young active IT worker looking for a side gig. I also wanted to gain some experiences in this field.

JevinTheTiger#8292 JevinTheTiger#8292 Moderators
I will be your Discord Moderator

Hello! I'm JevinTheTiger but feel free to call me Jevin. I'm a 16 year old male who lives in Europe. I'm quite new to Discord Management. Aside from that i am a dedicated fellow with a lot of spare time on my hands.

xdracer78#7615 xdracer78#7615 Moderators
Looking to become Mod/Admin/Staff

I'm Charlie, and I'm 14 years old. I absolutely love moderating servers, and I've been doing it for a year now. Helping others is something that brings me joy, and I always strive to provide a positive experience!

chriss#1417 chriss#1417 Moderators
6yr+ Experienced Server Moderator

My name is Chriss and I like to make friends online and engage with users on the Discord platform.

Br$-Gabriel-Zero#9166 Br$-Gabriel-Zero#9166 Administrators

Sou uma pessoal otimista, e criativo gosto muito de Servidores e programaçãos, e

Anmol_Sirola#6083 Anmol_Sirola#6083 Moderators

Young active college student looking for a side gig. I also wanted to gain some experiences in this field.

elysian#1605 elysian#1605 Administrators
Community Management/Moderation Work

Hello, my name is Elysian, I'm a college student (18 y/o) and I have been using Discord since 2016. I have around 5 years of experience within management roles, whether that be in server, staff or community management.

ColdItly#3471 ColdItly#3471 Administrators
Looking for [Game Administration/Moderation]

Hello, I'm Lili. I'm 17 years old and I have school and a job. My hours are limited but i can always be active if needed and I can be active when a lot of others aren't.

!                   ᵇᵃᵇᵃALFAᵉᵈᵗ#4648 ! ᵇᵃᵇᵃALFAᵉᵈᵗ#4648 Bot Developers
Baba alfa is here

Bo drust krdne servar ba dizen krdne chnalakan u voeskan u drustvkrdne bot ba pe dawa kraw ba logoe dawakrwa ba harzantren nrx

Dollarxcade#9547 Dollarxcade#9547 Server Builders
Discord Server Builder

I am Dollarxcade and I am looking for servers to hire me as their server builder. I have a year of experience with discord server building with high knowledge in bots, moderation, development, engagement and more

VilluminaTheGod#7878 VilluminaTheGod#7878 Moderators

Basic Information: gender: Male Name: Damien Age: 15

MOONNIGHTX#2853 MOONNIGHTX#2853 Moderators
Mod Résumé

I am an experienced owner, mod, admin, and co-owner. Trusted by many discord communities to keep theirs safe from online trolls and instigators.

(PL) PretendingLove#2016 (PL) PretendingLove#2016 Administrators
My Resume For Administrator

I'm an active member of Discord, I'm usually always avaliable and I have experience.

SirLuke#0001 SirLuke#0001 Moderators
Discord Moderator

Hello! My name is Luke, 16 years of age and I live in the United Kingdom.

Qertyn#2137 Qertyn#2137 Moderators
Discord Moderator/helper

I'm Adam. I'm 18 years old and I've been using discord for over 6 years. I'm from Poland. I really enjoy good atmosphere in work environment.

1187#3393 1187#3393 Moderators
im moderator/admin

im 16 years old and i wanna try something new for me like moderating servers on discord!!!

『莫』 アレッサンドラ#0001 『莫』 アレッサンドラ#0001 Moderators
moderator/Helper/24/7 Active/

5k-10k member Moderator since 5 mouth ago i'm aways Active on discord.