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.bluelizard .bluelizard Partner Managers
looking for a job in partnership manager

hello im looking for a job in pm and ill happily work for you if you want certain requirements and ill meet them and do a lot more to help your server grow

carlosb_ carlosb_ Moderators

My name is Carlos, you can find me on discord as carlosb_ or on Twitter as @carlosquest, I am a 19 year old Colombian systems engineering student, passionate about web3, with extensive experience as a moderator.

syrenxc syrenxc Moderators
Moderator Job

Currently looking for a paid job. I used discord for quite a long time so I know how to workaround discord.

flamingonaut flamingonaut Server Builders
Server Creator

I am an individual that likes to make discord servers and would like to make your server that best it can be.

Gengar Gengar Administrators
Looking for Admin/Moderator Job

Im a 14 year old and I have a lot of free time bc its the end of school u can contact me on discord Gengar#1911

jrhrdnjackpot jrhrdnjackpot Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am Jireh F. Ordonio from Metro Manila Philippines. 23 yrs. old graduated last September 2023 currently working as Payroll Admin.

Elisatoshi | WSDC Elisatoshi | WSDC Moderators
Discord Moderator

23 years old, Graduated in Management and information systems, i speak 3 languages : English, French, Arabic.

jrhrdnjackpot jrhrdnjackpot Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am Jireh F. Ordonio from Metro Manila Philippines. 23 yrs. old graduated last September 2023 currently working as Payroll Admin.

Kellytrip Kellytrip Moderators
Discord Mod

Hello there am Kelly, i am a talented, ambitious and hardworking individual, with broad skills and experience in digital and printed marketing, social media and leading projects.

.meltyyyy .meltyyyy Server Builders
Expert Discord Server Creator

Hi! My name is Melty, I have been building discord servers for 4+ years and I'm looking for a server to hire me as their server builder.

Suhadolc Suhadolc Moderators

We are a group of 4 experienced moderators in NFT/CRYPTO/FOREX areas. If you need the BEST team to run your server, we are the ones. If you don't believe, test us.

pranxv pranxv Moderators
Ready to be a mod/admin

Hey there I'm seeking for a moderator job, I am 17years old with a pretty decent experience of handling servers with good knowledge in server settings and management.

zolito zolito Moderators
Discord MOD

I've been a discord member since 2017. I've been part of smaller discord servers that held tournaments in League of Legends. I've also made some smaller gaming discord servers myself. I've knowledge of how to manage bots

PePe Hecker PePe Hecker Moderators

I am a moderator in 3 servers, I own 1. Many people say I am a great mod because I am active, I follow the rules, and I don't abuse my powers!

thetromboneman thetromboneman Administrators

I am TheTromboneMan or Trombone for short. I am 22 years old and a father of two wonderful children. I work full time as a Front Desk Staff at a major hotel chain. Interests: Music, Anime, Movies

༺Phlͥψpͣoͫ༻ ༺Phlͥψpͣoͫ༻ Moderators
Looking for a moderator?

Ever since I started to use Discord, I loved to create servers and look over everything that's going on, making sure everything is doing great...

Bogdan_23 Bogdan_23 Moderators
Responsible moderator is here!

Hello! My name is Bogdan and I'm 19 years old. I'm looking for a job as a discord moderator. Doesn't matter a time of working, it can be discussed.

Faran Faran Server Builders
Professional Discord server setup

Hello, My name is Faran and I have 4 years of experience with discord. I can set up any type of server of your needs with all the custom features you want such as gaming, community, anime, study, trading, and many more.

notliamsi notliamsi Server Builders
Looking to manage servers/ Build server

Hello! I am NotLiamsi and i have been admin/server builder for many different servers. I take very low money and i build high quality servers. I also fix/help with bots settings and ect.

93 93 Bot Developers
XZ Server Owner | Enthusiast

Developer of all sorts from c# making tools for games to configs for pentesting. Also can create a pretty sick discord server.

d3triott d3triott Event Manager
Events manager

As an event manager, I am skilled in coordinating and executing various types of events. I have experience in managing budgets, timelines, and communicating with vendors and clients. I am also able to think creatively an


What is a discord job list?

A discord job list provides you with a vast variety of users that are looking to become staff in a discord server.

What are discord jobs?

Every server needs a team to run, manage, and create a server. Experienced users can help you with these needs. Find a person looking to help for money or for free here.

How do i search for discord jobs

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