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ShadowSpirit ShadowSpirit Administrators
*PAID* Admin for hire.

Hi I'm Shadow, 13 years old, And searching for a job in a discord server. My Discord : ShadowSpirit#1067 (Good thing to know that I'm not English so I'll make some mistakes while talking but I'll try my best to not!)

annie r<3 annie r<3 Administrators
admin and mod !!

hello there, I'm Annie! I am looking to be an admin or mod for any server. (small payment heavily recommended)

x̶p̶e̶x̶ x̶p̶e̶x̶ Administrators
Discord mod (NOT PAID)

Hi my name is Radu and I m 15 years old, I manage a few discord servers that are over 50 members and I m pretty good I can also manage partnerships and more

Alpha430 Alpha430 Administrators
NFT and gaming discord Moderator/Administrator or Bot Developer *NOT CURRENTLY LOOKING*

I am a experienced discord user with experience moderator and administering various servers, from gaming to NFT discords. I am also a software developer with some bot developing and administering experience.

Pantsu💪 Pantsu💪 Administrators
Discord Moderator/Admin

I am available most of the time, accept for when I am at work, which is not long I accept cash, in which I will stay till told otherwise. If you choose to hire me for free, I can leave whenever I like

ColdItly ColdItly Administrators
Looking for [Game Administration/Moderation]

Hello, I'm Lili. I'm 17 years old and I have school and a job. My hours are limited but i can always be active if needed and I can be active when a lot of others aren't.

BNT BNT Administrators
Free Server Administrator

Hi there! I'm Zach, a person who has experience in managing servers and moderating them.

MirtyBoi MirtyBoi Administrators
Need a mod/admin for your server?

I am a 13 year old male. I love to be on discord all the time and am always active. I am very nice and welcoming to people. I do not support toxicity. The server also must be family friendly.

Kiyo♡ Kiyo♡ Administrators
Admin or Moderator.

Hello, I am Kiyo. I am looking for a job that consists of being payed, I have experience in of being moderator/admin, that being 2+ years of experience, I prefer part time especially since I'm a student.

Lucid_Frank Lucid_Frank Administrators
Discord Administration/ building/ Moderation

Hello I Lucid Frank. I am a professional Discord server administrator, builder, Moderator, promoter and enthusiast for HIRE.

ToRoiD ToRoiD Administrators
Community Manager/Server Builder here!

I am a professional Discord server designer, Community Manager and Administrato‎r with 4+ years of experience. Skills include, but are not limited to: Communication, Community engagement, Event organizing and Moderation

CryptoMedic🚁 🇭 CryptoMedic🚁 🇭 Administrators
CryptoMedic to the Rescue!

Simple, Professional. Service. Discord Master Design & Administration. US Based.

BadassDuckie BadassDuckie Administrators
Hire Duckie for discord!

Are you looking for an experienced and good quality staff member? Or are you in need of a fast server builder? You are at the right place!

DuLangamer DuLangamer Administrators
Server Administrator/Manager

Hello, my name is DuLangamer. I’m would like to manage your server for free because I like to manage servers.

NightOwl NightOwl Administrators
Active and a lot of free time moderator/ Server manager (paid)

Hey i am Souf (20 years old) got a lot of free time and experience running and managing servers i have been positions as staff manager/community manager and admin for different rp servers as in for Gmod/Gta rp servers.

Anos Voldigoad Anos Voldigoad Administrators
Resume for staff applications

hi,i am anos voldigoad,an anime fan and watch alot of yt/tik tok

Chirag THE GOD Chirag THE GOD Administrators


Thomas Shelby Thomas Shelby Administrators
Discord spec

Hello there! If you’re looking for staff member or someone that can build whole server from scratch I’m your guy. Working on discord servers since 2017 I have own staff team available if needed.

!!𝓐𝓫𝓬 !!𝓐𝓫𝓬 Administrators
Looking to manage a server

I am looking for a server to manage/build to fill my time, because i'm basically bored of games. So i need a server to manage. I dont need payment.

Gengar Gengar Administrators
Looking for Admin/Moderator Job

Im a 14 year old and I have a lot of free time bc its the end of school u can contact me on discord Gengar#1911

ShatteredClique ShatteredClique Administrators
Famous Catboy Maid

Name's Ben. 21 years old, famous Canadian E-boy influencer with 12k followers on Instagram. You may find me @ ShatteredClique I voicechat 24/7 in my Discord Server: "Broken Souls" . I am a caucasian eboy. x

John1 John1 Administrators

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SoggySaussages SoggySaussages Administrators
Discord Administration and Auto Moderation Setup

My name is SoggySaussages, on Discord for 5 years, and I set up community servers with auto moderation.

Cloudless Cloudless Administrators
Need A Admin or mod?

I'm very easygoing, good at creating safe communities and making sure everything is done in a peaceful way and that everyone is comfortable. I enjoy seeing people and meeting new people it always makes my day.

TheCarBun TheCarBun Administrators
I can help you build your server

Hi I'm Bun. I'm 20 years old, male and I love building servers. I've created many servers for others that did well and I had built and owned two servers of 1k and presently I own a 5k+ server that I made myself.

sooyoungaaah🙃 sooyoungaaah🙃 Administrators

-16 years old -Experience in moderation/administration for about 2 years. -Lives in USA -Pay not mandatory, but appreciated.

Rilzzy Rilzzy Administrators
Looking to work for a discord server, mature and cheap (EU)

Hello my name is Rilzzy, im a mod/Admin ive been working with discord for around 4 years. I have worked in gaming discords, crypto(nft) discords, youtubers discords and more! Contact: Rilzzy#6532

Wooly Wooly Administrators
Hello, I am Wooly. I am an admin looking for a job. **FREE** No need to worry about payment

Hi, I am Wooly, I have been working as Admin in many different servers for 1 year now! I am a free Admin ready to be employed!

Sayem Sayem Administrators
Hire me as your server manager!

Hi, I am Sayem! And i'd like you to hire me as your server manager. I have alot of experience in more than managing a server, I can hopefully make your server how it should be!

faithy faithy Administrators

im a 13 year old female looking to be admin in more servers

MissMonica MissMonica Administrators
Discord Community Manager

As an experienced Discord Community Manager, I can help you set up and run your Discord server. I specialize in gaming servers, and have experience with running official servers created by game developers.

MarcusTwT MarcusTwT Administrators
Big servers

I have been a Mod, Admin, and even owner status on top-end servers with at least 1k+ members, I love working as a mod and admin and getting to know all the members! I also know what I'm doing as I have set up servers

Its_Me_Alin Its_Me_Alin Administrators
Admin/Mod/Server manager for hire!

Hello everyone my name is Alin and I am 20 years old I like making friends ,anime ,games(Slime rancher is my fav game) and moderating. I hope we will work together

SpeedySiefer SpeedySiefer Administrators
Experienced Moderator/Administrator and Server Developer for Large Communities!

My name is Speedy. I have been moderating on discord for more than 4 years. I am an experienced moderator, administrator and developer and have worked with many large social/gaming/streaming servers.

Teddy-Bear Teddy-Bear Administrators
I'm looking for any position I work for Free

I join Discord back in February 2nd 2018 before that I had another account going back in 2017 but lost the password to it, I am trusted in the row play community and other communities, I have plenty of moderation exp