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Advertising Managers job resumes

Gabriel. Gabriel. Advertising Managers
Reliable Profressional Staff

I am Gabriel, I've been around discord fir a long time and ready to help make servers and advertise them to become a future big discord community server or etc.

Baby_Mo0s3 Baby_Mo0s3 Advertising Managers
Discord Marketing Management

I have been advertising discord servers for almost 3 years. I will help your server grow through my experience with leading discord servers and teams. Contact me through discord - Baby_Mo0s3 #3856

jaden.yan jaden.yan Advertising Managers
Marketing in charge (user acquisition)

Experienced in Service, Marketing, & all aspects of Crypto and NFTs (Minting, platforms, rarity tools etc.) Crypto Day Trader, NFT Trader

hyaimhope hyaimhope Advertising Managers
Professional Advertising Manager

A Professional Advertising Manager, Perfect to boost your server and help make it big. Experience in most social media (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Discord). I also have a server with lots of active people to Partner.

Aswath’sViewController Aswath’sViewController Advertising Managers
I am your professional Advertising Manager

I am Aswath#7951. I am a professional advertising manager for discord servers above 50 members. I am already employed in 15+ servers. Aswath#7951


What is a discord job list?

A discord job list provides you with a vast variety of users that are looking to become staff in a discord server.

What are discord jobs?

Every server needs a team to run, manage, and create a server. Experienced users can help you with these needs. Find a person looking to help for money or for free here.

How do i search for discord jobs

You can search for discord jobs by using the search function, or by clicking a category where you want to find a recruit.