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Bot Developers job resumes

Chummy Chummy Bot Developers
Discord.py Bot Developer -Chummy-

Hello! My name is Chummy and I'm an 18 year old discord.py Bot Developer based in the United States! I've worked on over 100 bots from community servers to school hangouts! I look forward to working with you!

Stable Stable Bot Developers

I Can Make Any Bot For You Mass Dm Bots , Auto Moderation Bots , Simple Commands Bot , Google Bot, Crypto , NFT Price Tracker Bot , Ticket Bot Or Any Other Bot u want

Mr.Rockyツ Mr.Rockyツ Bot Developers
I can make a Discord bot for you!

Are you looking for a Discord bot? Hire me, I am Mr.Rocky and I can code one just for you and it will take a day or two to fully finish the bot without any bugs! Free hositng too!

Robux Man Robux Man Bot Developers
I can make ur bot online 24/7 fast

U need to give me 100 robux per month to de bot be online 24/7 subscribe to my YouTube https://youtube.com/channel/UCUUlebZUTX29NdBEJ8-zzhw

Striker Striker Bot Developers
Discord Bot Developer in Typescript, Node.js, Discord.js

I am a 19-year-old male from the UK who loves to spend my free time gaming, learning and programming. I have a strong interest in computer science, and I am qualified in this field at A Level standard.

Ravi Ravi Bot Developers
Discord Bot Developer

Python Json Bash scripting basic Lua script 1-2 years expierience in discord.py Fluent in English,Dutch i can make Music bots , Moderation bots , Fun bots , Shop bots , Gaming related bots , Dm user bots

93 93 Bot Developers
XZ Server Owner | Enthusiast

Developer of all sorts from c# making tools for games to configs for pentesting. Also can create a pretty sick discord server.

SmugTheKiler SmugTheKiler Bot Developers

I create discord bots for you, I am really good at this, or I can just assist you while you are making it! Keep in mind, I mostly use Discord.JS

Kevinlie Kevinlie Bot Developers
I Can Code A Bot For You!

Hire Me To Code A Bot For You!!! 👉 Moderation Commands 👉 Fun Commands 👉 Tools Commands 👉 Economy System AND MORE COMMANDS!!!

No_name3930 No_name3930 Bot Developers
Paid Discord Bot Developer

As an experienced Discord Bot Developer, I have a deep understanding of bot development within the Discord ecosystem. With a strong background in programming and a keen eye for detail.

audcon audcon Bot Developers
I will make utility discord bot

Hi there, I will make simple and easy to use custom utility bot at cheap cost for your server and also maintain it if demanded by client.

!                   ᵇᵃᵇᵃALFAᵉᵈᵗ ! ᵇᵃᵇᵃALFAᵉᵈᵗ Bot Developers
Baba alfa is here

Bo drust krdne servar ba dizen krdne chnalakan u voeskan u drustvkrdne bot ba pe dawa kraw ba logoe dawakrwa ba harzantren nrx

themrlion themrlion Bot Developers
Custom- and premade bots

I have made multiple bots over the time of being on discord. I enjoy the challenges that server owners throw at me for their custom bots they got made. Currently I have around 10 bots online on different servers.

櫻桃Flaco 櫻桃Flaco Bot Developers
Modmail developer

Hey! I’m a MODMAIL bot developer! Look below. I have all of my info there!!

Ahmet Çağatay Ahmet Çağatay Bot Developers
Automation Expert

Forget the tech issues. 😎 Focus on managing your community. 🟢 Trusted Upwork Freelancer 🟢 Software Developer 👇 And more...

Sparky!! Sparky!! Bot Developers
I can make a bot to your likings!

Hire Me To Code A Bot For You!!! Moderation Commands to Fun Commands to Tools Commands to Ticket Systems to Music Bot Commands to Crypto Price Tracker Bot to Trivia Answer Bot Commands and much more!

i2rys i2rys Bot Developers
Bot Developer

15/yo Developer. I could make advance Discord bots for you with such security, tools, and many more. Depending on what you need for cheap.

BlitzDBS BlitzDBS Bot Developers
Make A Discord.JS Bot

Hey, I'm Blitz, and I'm experienced in Discord.js. My services cost $5 to $30 and you can pay via PayPal and Venmo.

ClockWork ClockWork Bot Developers

Hire Me To Code A Bot For You!!! 👉 Moderation Commands 👉 Fun Commands 👉 Tools Commands 👉 Ticket System 👉 Music Bot 👉 Mass Dm Bot 👉 Crypto Price Tracker Bot 👉 Trivia Answer Bot AND MORE COMMANDS!!!

*`Vengie`* *`Vengie`* Bot Developers
I can build basic bots for free

Hello! I can make simple bots like moderation and funny bots.


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