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d3triott d3triott Event Manager
Events manager

As an event manager, I am skilled in coordinating and executing various types of events. I have experience in managing budgets, timelines, and communicating with vendors and clients. I am also able to think creatively an

_xsin _xsin Event Manager
SaucySteppa aka XSin

I'm a content creator / Brand Developer / Musician and philanthropist. I've built youtuber's communities such as Soloin and Berleezy and have personally developed a broad spectrum of communities and niches beyond then.

-Minni3 -Minni3 Event Manager
🌸*PAID* Events Manager🌸

Hi I'm -Minni3#2529! I own a server called Asian Bearsh Cafe and moderated for big servers like Kitsune and Asian High. You can check out my server dsc.gg/Bearsh to see what I can do. -CIW Certificate in Web Design


What is a discord job list?

A discord job list provides you with a vast variety of users that are looking to become staff in a discord server.

What are discord jobs?

Every server needs a team to run, manage, and create a server. Experienced users can help you with these needs. Find a person looking to help for money or for free here.

How do i search for discord jobs

You can search for discord jobs by using the search function, or by clicking a category where you want to find a recruit.