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kimi= kimi= Other
Server Banner Maker!!

I make server banners for free ( free for now c; )

Kaapalkeens💯 Kaapalkeens💯 Other
Video Editor

I am a video editor with a pretty big bag of experience

Deathly Deathly Other
Server Professional

Hello, I'm Deathly#0624, I've been on Discord for nearly 2 years now, I have a profession in many different type of job categories. my work will not be granted free. I specialize in all types of Discord Media.

Jinx_O1shi Jinx_O1shi Other
Applying for Pm, admin, or mod

Hi hello, im Jinx and i am an experienced discord moderator. ive been in discord for 2 years. and been modding for 1 year

CmdSteelShot010 CmdSteelShot010 Other
Open to anything

i am a man with some free time on my hands and what better use then to help those who may be struggling in setting up or keeping control in their server.

Katsuki♡ Katsuki♡ Other
My uploader resume!

i’m a free and paid uploader. i can follow any aesthetic or theme you have going if you wish. i only upload sfw.

KindKoby KindKoby Other
Anything & Everything!

Hi my name is koby, I am 29 with a lot of knowledge to help any way possible. I have made websites, built discords from the ground up, and if there is something i don't know I will research it.

Mr.Rockyツ Mr.Rockyツ Other
Need a Mod or Admin or Developer?

Hey! I am Jake and I am a developer, moderator and a admin of some servers! I can make bots for your server or moderate in them to keep your community safe!

Samxy53 Samxy53 Other
2D Game Developer / integration

Hi I am Sammy I am a 2d game developer and metaverse partnership developer. I am a passionate and dedicated follower of crypto and Nft trend a specialty for Metaverse integration.

🌷Bedazzled Bunny🐰 🌷Bedazzled Bunny🐰 Other
Admin/Website Builder/Server Builder for Hire

Just looking for something to do productive with my free time. I don't work for free. Depending on what is asked, I will give my price. I will make it your time worth while. Most of the time active. Just dm me.

bun bun Other
designer !!

hi my name is lee !! im 15 and i design things such as. . . banners . pfps (personal and server) . dividers . signs (such as qotd, verify, roles, etc) . server templates (includes all but dividers can be animated !!

Rusho2002 Rusho2002 Other
Staff Member

I am experienced with discord I have been staff In multiple of different types of discord servers ranging from NFTs to gaming.

kenzie101247 kenzie101247 Other
Looking for Discord jobs *paid or free*

I am quite experienced with discord. Looking to be paid but am willing to do it for free. I mod for a few small servers and am a head mod for one. I am 16 years old. I use she/her or they/them pronouns :]

Aswath’sViewController Aswath’sViewController Other
RolePlay manger and Verification Manager

Hi people I am Aswath#7951. I am a experienced and professional RolePlay manager and verification staff. I do these services for free and as a hobby. You can an contact me at Aswath#7951