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EverLonely05uwu EverLonely05uwu Server Builders
I can help building discord servers

I'm really keen on creating servers and I've been in discord for 3/4 years, so I'm an expert. nickname: EverLonely05uwu#0001

-Minni3 -Minni3 Server Builders
🌸*PAID* Server Builder🌸

Hi I'm -Minni3#2529! I own a server called Asian Bearsh Cafe and moderated for big servers like Kitsune and Asian High. You can check out my server dsc.gg/Bearsh to see what I can do. -CIW Certificate in Web Design

RealestRealist RealestRealist Server Builders
Discord Server Builder

I am a discord server builder. I have built around 20 servers for NFT projects. My skills are not limited to NFT projects. I can build servers according to your preference too.

Fawnze Fawnze Server Builders

Hi, I'm Fawnze! I specialise in building servers and creating custom bots. Feel free to dm me (Fawnze #0001) for a free quote on what your needs are.

BlitzDBS BlitzDBS Server Builders
I can build you a server from scratch!

Hi, I'm Blitz, I have a lot of experience making private servers for friends and decided to go public.

ClockWork ClockWork Server Builders

Hi i'm ClockWork#1612 and I'm looking for a job as a server builder. I have experience using various different bots as well as how to manage a server.I have experience as moderator 2+ years

Mart Mart Server Builders
Experienced Server Designer.

2 Years on being on discord, Lots of experience when its coming into building discord servers. Give me 6 Days and you will have a fully designed server.

玫瑰 玫瑰 Server Builders
Discord Server Builder

Hi, I'm 玫瑰#3299 and I'm looking for a job as a server builder. I have experience using various different bots as well as how to manage a server.

!!Boo !!Boo Server Builders
Setup Discord Server

I will setup an advanced discord. I am an 18 year old! I currently save money for my college. :D I love making Websites (DevNet, etc... , Cybersecurity (CEH, etc... ), IT (CCNA, etc... )and a few new stuffs.

Isaaaac Isaaaac Server Builders
I can help you to build a server of your choice

I am Isaac and I am a Server Builders! I can make a server for you!

PoppingPengu PoppingPengu Server Builders
Discord manager

I'm Abby, I'm 19 and I can create your discord server for you.

GlacierFate GlacierFate Server Builders
JusHam Resume

Hi my name is Tyler I am 17 years old looking for servers to build

I am iron man I am iron man Server Builders
I Am author and poet

I build server for those who need one and allow them to grow

Red_Prez16 Red_Prez16 Server Builders
I can build you a Discord server for FREE!

I can build you a Discord server to your specifications for free! Just tell me what you want and I'll do it!

pitachok pitachok Server Builders
I'll build a server for nothing more than 10$

I will build a server for you as cheap as possible

developer developer Server Builders
Server builder, Community Manager/Moderator/Social Media Manager

i build customize professional discord servers for projects in the cryptocurrency NFT, defi space. Am also a Community Manager and Moderator

Ӿ₱ɆӾ Ӿ₱ɆӾ Server Builders
I m a server builder

Hi my name is Radu and I m a server builder please read the bottom so you can see what I can offer

Yo lol Yo lol Server Builders
Moderation & Server building

Specializes in server building and moderation work.

SoggySaussages SoggySaussages Server Builders
Discord Administration and Auto Moderation Setup

My name is SoggySaussages, on Discord for 5 years, and I set up community servers with auto moderation.

?𝖊𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖒𝖆? ?𝖊𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖒𝖆? Server Builders
Discord Moderator/Server builder

Hi my nickname is ''Enigma'' and since i downloaded discord i loved it and started editing and making servers for me and my friends so i would love to build a server for you or be a moderator to make sure everythin is ok

Samtarooo Samtarooo Server Builders
Professional Server Builder / Moderator (18+) (Any servers) (Very active - Daily) (6+ years of experience)

I have been building and moderating discord communities since 2016. I am 20 years old and am very efficient with all forms of discord bots, moderation and server setup. I have 6+ years of exp and my own server. 30k+

sooyoungaaah🙃 sooyoungaaah🙃 Server Builders
Server Builder

-16 -Lives in USA -Friendly -Built many servers for people

𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂 Server Builders
Experienced server builder

I’m a fishkeeper with a passion for creating! I’m ready to be there for you and your server!

Ianrw6 Ianrw6 Server Builders
I only moderate high growing Advertising servers

I am a Male, And My Name Is Ian. I have been a server moderator/server builder for over 2 years now. And I Have Been On Discord For Over 5 Years. So what are you waiting for? Hire Me! :) -Enjoy your day!! <

Kiki_ Kiki_ Server Builders
Kiki For Hire

Hi!My name is Kiki,I'm 14 years old and really friendly!I only accept servers that are "aesthetic" though.

ronn ronn Server Builders
Need help setting up a server?

Hi im ronn they/them ive been on discord for about 2 years, and i love making servers!

The Imperator The Imperator Server Builders
Administrator/Moderator/Server Builder

If you want the job done or get a server built or administered/moderated then I am your man as long as I get paid ;).

No_name3930 No_name3930 Server Builders
Paid Server Designer

I'm A Server Designer Just Ask What Theme And I Will Design it

Papa Smurf Fox Papa Smurf Fox Server Builders
Server Builder professional

Want a discord server built? DM me on discord with the details below. Papa Smurf Fox#4984 I can make you a server that is exactly what you want and you can use it how you want

ishie ishie Server Builders
Experienced server builder and moderator

Experienced server builder and moderator who specializes in building and improving discord communities.

Qx Qx Server Builders
Discord server owners, need an owners help? I am available for hire!

I am 21 currently looking for ways to benefit off my skills online. I love creating things and creating is my passion. I am an out of the box kind of creator and that's why projects given a helping hand by me can grow.

Wumpus Wumpus Server Builders
*PAID/FREE* Server Builder

Hello I will build your server for free/paid. I will promote my server in your server.

Alpha $urvive Alpha $urvive Server Builders
Are you looking for a professional Discord server ? Here we are to setup your dream server

hey ! Hi! Great to see you checking out my services! My name's Addan Asif and my and my discord id is Alpha $urvive#3500. We are a team of specialists for a few years now.

TheCarBun TheCarBun Server Builders
I can help you build a server

Hi I'm Bun. I'm 20 years old, male and I love building servers. Hire me to get yourself your dream server.

Faran Faran Server Builders
Professional Discord server setup

Hello, My name is Faran and I have 4 years of experience with discord. I can set up any type of server of your needs with all the custom features you want such as gaming, community, anime, study, trading, and many more.

DalgonaMoone DalgonaMoone Server Builders
Discord Moderator And server builder!

Hello i am moone a server builder and moderator on discord. I make professional aesthetic and kawaii servers as well as moderate! Discord and IT is my passion and i would love to work for you!

CryptoMediic🚁 🇭 CryptoMediic🚁 🇭 Server Builders
CryptoMedic to the Rescue!

Simple, Professional. Service. Discord Master Design & Administration. US Based.

leif leif Server Builders
paid server build

Pay in server boosts / nitro. Work best with anime/manga and gaming servers. Setup webhooks, moderation bots, channel and role permissions, reaction roles, Mimu shop, verification, welcome and leave message, etc.

BankkRoll BankkRoll Server Builders
Server builder / Programmer here!

I build discord servers from start to finish, also any bot needs or updates you need. I can do almost anything needed as I can code and program bots myself. I am a admin of 3 servers as well!

Mistle Mistle Server Builders
Hello I am Mistle and I can build A professional server for you!

I am Mistle a 13 year old and a server builder and I build custom servers for you

Yoriichi Yoriichi Server Builders
I can be co-Owner, server manager, head of staff for free

Im 13, i have been a co-owner in 3 servers before i have also been a server manager in around 7 servers as for head of staff i've been it in 10 servers+ i am experienced and know what i am doing.

ROBIN ROBIN Server Builders
paid server designer

i am flexible with various server aesthetics. minimal / messy / semi-messy / themed preferred. i ONLY work as paid so please keep this in mind.

kimi kimi Server Builders
Server builder/designer

Hello!! I'm a 16 year old experienced server builder/designer. My Pronouns are she/her.

BabyBlues BabyBlues Server Builders
Aesthetic Designer

Designing aesthetic theme Discord servers. I create dividers, headers icons, footers. I also create server advertisement videos, gifs and I can setup your server channel permissions, roles and bots.

LOADING.... LOADING.... Server Builders
Professional Server Designer


Dollarxcade Dollarxcade Server Builders
Discord Server Builder

I am Dollarxcade and I am looking for servers to hire me as their server builder. I have a year of experience with discord server building with high knowledge in bots, moderation, development, engagement and more

Nickcash246 Nickcash246 Server Builders
Need a server builder? Look no further

I have experience blocking out scam bots. Will do good work for cheap.

Mr.Enigma Mr.Enigma Server Builders
Discord Server Builder

Hello everyone! I am Mr.Enigma/Enigma, I have 6 years of experience on Discord. I have been extensively involved in Adult, Gaming, NFT/Crypto and many more communities. I am here to build your own!