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Looking for Partners in m 100+ members server! We are Friendly Looking for partners alot Fun etc!


**`Egirl Heaven!`** Hello! I am Here to Present this server Egirl Heaven! Here is what it offers! > ***Offers:*** NSFW Channels Must Be 18+ To gain access to it, *Not a Self Role* SFW Channels for Everyone to use! Friendly People to talk to! Loads Of Fun! Tons Of Awsome Bot > ***Join Requirments!*** Must Be 13+ Must Follow Discord's TOS Must Have loads Of fun Must Not Bully! > ***My Goal Is 150+ Memerber!!! Can we get this in less than a week!? > *** **GIF: ** https://tenor.com/view/asd-gif-22008279 **Invite Link: ** https://discord.gg/bNU2RJewq5


To Partner You must have 75+ Members!