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Sims 4 RP Looking For Partners

How to partner?

Join the server that is looking for partners and contact their staff, or the user that posted the partner listing.

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Looking for roleplay or Sims servers that are willing to partner. Will partner with 18+ servers BUT we are a 16+ server so keep that in mind.


Welcome to The Sims 4: Roleplay, a Discord-based RP where you can become your Sim and take control of their life even more than you already do. Meet other players and take your Sim's experience to the next level, with any career you want and more decisions than you can shake a plumbob at. Play in any neighborhood you want from Willow Creek up to the most recently added Moonwood Mill, where all the werewolves like to party. No need to just be a regular old human Sim either if you don't want to! Be any of the current occult types in the game! Ghosts, aliens, vampires, spellcasters, werewolves, they're all open. So what are you waiting for? With so many possibilities, there's endless fun to be had. Start designing your Sim today! Find love, make enemies, become an occult, find a cure, feel the freedom to do almost anything!


- Must be either a roleplay or a Sims server