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3 of OG a All purpose Community is looking for new and active members! We are a fast growing meme, chat, and gaming community. Our server is a non toxic atmosphere with lots to like! We hope to see you soon!


Come join 3 of OG a All Purpose Community is looking for more Memers, Gamers, streamers, and content pushers/creators. ❗Partnerships are welcome!❗LVL 3 Boosted Server with over 150 Emojis and counting! A Server Rank system, and Forums for several topics and more to come. We have Stress Relief channels 🍃 such as Meme and Gif Battle channel. 1 word Message channel, and a Emoji spam fun to flash your favorite EMOJIS!! Auto post Meme channel /No filter/- Requires use of threads* Super active owner looking for a good team! Searching for Chat Revivers, MODS, and an Experienced Admin! Come join in the fun and games!🎮



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