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80% EU | 20% NA we're a small but relatively active community. most are gamers however the server is more a chill place to hangout, chat & have a laugh. activity isn't nonstop, but we've got a good group of pple, give the server a chance & stay awhile. :) also writing this feels like the "tell us something about you" interview question, when put on the spot you forget every single interesting thing about yourself lol


*friendly staff & members *regularly active server & chat (daily activity w/few lulls) *custom emotes *EU & NA members *80% are UK based* ~ customizable ~ *color roles - each one uniquely & proudly named by duckxduckx- *self roles - ~ extra/ unique channels ~ *til - today i learned - *word association - associate the word ... *duuh* *selfies (once confirmed you're not a twatbucket) *stream promotion *nsfw (for over 18) *bots: truth or dare, owo, hydra, tippy (confession bot), mee6, carl, yaggdrasil *DISCLAIMER* ~ as a mostly UK based server, pls expect UK banter, teasing, sarcasm, & jokes (dirty or otherwise), if you can't take a joke, easily offended or you're overly sensitive, this may not be the server for you



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