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The Physical-Digital Bridge™ awaits. Join 4K's Discord community to discuss all things Physically Backe4jd NFTs, DeFi, and the 4K Protocol.


4K enables anyone to bring physical assets on-chain by transforming real-world items into physically-backed NFTs. We’re building a decentralized coordination layer for the physical world — a new Web3 primitive — transforming the way physical assets can interact with the blockchain and enabling humanity to transact in trustless, permissionless, and never-before-seen ways. Imagine a global network with thousands of nodes, each responsible for ensuring that a physical asset stored on the blockchain is legitimate, accessible, and protected. We’re building this foundational protocol along with a suite of applications that can run on top of it — starting with a marketplace for physically-backed NFTs. Why what we’re building matters: * We’re creating digital property rights for physical assets * Dramatically more efficient marketplace transactions — lower fees, no managing physical inventories * Secure and insured storage — keep your assets on-chain, not collecting dust in your house * Collateralize and take loans against your physical assets using Decentralized Finance applications * Bring your Physical Assets into the Metaverse, online games, and state-of-the-art Web3 applications * Form DAOs to Acquire Physical Assets



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