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Hey! We're here to either help you, help someone you care about, or for you to help someone else who's suffering!


Hello! Welcome to Anti-Depresso Espresso! This mental health server is dedicated to helping anyone and everyone possible. We've already helped a feel people but we want to do more! Do you need help, know someone who does, need or want advice on helping someone, or want to help someone? Don't fret! This server is perfect for that! We're a young server, with completely kind members. What we provide: -completely saw -trigger section, as well as introductions, roles, colors, and general chatting areas. -a whole list of worldwide suicide hotlines for wherever you or someone you care for may reside. -friendly members and frequently active staff (mostly the owner) -channels for all sorts of issues you may be dealing with as well as special roles you can @. -and more! What we're looking for: -people who need or want help for themselves or others -people who want to help -generally anyone who wants to be in a comfy community -active members so we can have someone online at all times! -suggestions, and partnerships! (I'm picky about who I partner with) -wholesome, and maybe people to help with the daily self care reminder because I make a new message every time and idk. I hope you decide to join us on this journey!



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