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Avant-Garde Ink, for use when you're not a literary normie.


The life of a writer can be awkward and laden with salt. Here in Avant-Garde Ink, we're dedicated to living the creative lifestyle without all the extraneous nonsense. Founded by the underground Indie Author, S. R. Laubrea, Avant-Garde Ink is an 18+ server dedicated to anyone creative who's crazy enough to try something experimental and different. We also welcome other creative individuals, and anyone, really, who just wants a spot to chill ─ whether that means being an idle potato, or chatting the place up about your favorite music band (Idk what you're into, lol). What we like to do: → Detailed and specialized feedback on writing → Chill environment → Talk about self-publishing and marketing strategies → Discovering authors, new and established → Places to share art, stories, poetry, sound creations, music, etc → & More on the way as the server grows! We're the server that believes in creating stories, music, and art according to your intuition instead of some formulaic guidelines. Our mission is to help you refine your natural talents and uncover what is working and what is not, that makes your craft unique to you. Drop by, pop in, say hi, and have fun. It's all good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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