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Avant-Garde Ink, for use when you're not a literary normie.


Founded by the underground experimental writer, Shiri R. Laubrea, Avant-Garde Ink is an 18+ server dedicated to the Experimentalist and their craft. Experimentation isn't limited to only literature. We're developing spaces for musicians as well as artists who identify as experimental. If you don't know what it means to be Experimental, come join us and hang out with us for a while. We have it posted at the entrance what experimental means in a literary context, but that doesn't mean it can't apply to other creative outlets. Avant-Garde Ink is a practical server. We challenge literary conventions and hone one another's craft by being matter-of-fact with our approach, and our ways of practicing Literacy. While we're not mean-spirited, or bigoted, our straightforward demeanor can be deterring to some. Our rules are relaxed, there are only three, and we enjoy an easygoing atmosphere, much like an old-fashioned speak-easy or a pub. We enjoy embracing one another as the casual goofballs that we know we are, and when we find niche people, our server starts poppin'. During your time here you'll learn what it means to Write Beyond Limits.



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