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A premier FiveM RP server utilizing advanced Qbus framework to deliver the most immersive, detail driven experience imaginable to the players.


Cloud 9 Roleplay serves the FiveM RP community with an advanced Qbus framework; the most current framework designed for FiveM to date, and we use this framework to deliver amazing content directly to you! Main Features ⦿ Whitelisted emergency services w/ a wide array of specializations to enter! ⦿ Custom content that focuses on returning to exhilarating racing with our car class system, designed for competing in racing brackets! ⦿ A fluctuating economy driven by player interaction, supply and demand, and cutthroat economics! ⦿ Gangs open for whitelisting, so you and your friends can join and become a centerpiece of the gang community! ⦿ Continuous content courtesy of our active development team!



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