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car race is set in the year 2090. the city can be dangerous and unforgiving.


Cyber Race is a mobile endless runner game with competitive ranked PVP circuit races. Cyber Race is set in the year 2090. The city can be a dangerous and unforgiving place. Every politician has succumbed to greed and their own financial gain. They would sell their mother if it meant a few extra dollars. The World Corp. or W-Corp. for short has every politician in their pocket but lucky for us they keep all the data on everyone on their servers. Now comes your part. The internet data farms are vast and could never be hacked remotely but on some stroke of luck, the CEO David Roth is a bit of a reminiscent and likes to keep his data on the local servers. We have devised a zero flaw plan to get in and retrieve the data to finally expose the corruption. Once you get out there is a 97% chance they will become aware and all you have to do is outrun the World Corp Security or WCS for short, get the data across the city to the safehouse, and lay low until we can release it. Are you up for the Race?



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