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With 2,000 members and a vouch page as long as the dictionary, we're here to help you. Feint boosting guarantees you that you will get to whatever rank you desire - and fast. With a dedicated team of the highest elo players on multiple ladders, including current professional players - there's simply no better option


What we offer you: ⭐ Absolute discretion ⭐ Complete account safety, and the ability to appear offline (Riot Approved Application) while being boosted. ⭐ Competitive prices, while fitting you to a booster that caters to your wants. ⭐ The ability to duo boost - price varies. ⭐ Complete satisfaction to you as a player, and a person. ⭐ 100x Discounts for the first 100 to join via this link. ⭐ Orders around YOUR convenience, you still want to play with friends? You have that freedom, we will adhere to your schedule. Don't want to be boosted want to better yourself? Look no further: Feint provides THE best coaching from challenger or high elo players or even current professional players - customized to give you the best experience with your playstyle, role and champion. Stop wasting time come see what all the raves about: https://discord.gg/BPVjSYNufc



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