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Discord games, community events & giveaways, social, music, movies, DankMemer Premium, leveling, economy, emojis, and more!


╔════════════FRUMPY β•‘ GAMING β¦Ώ SOCIAL═════════════╗ β•‘We are a growing Discord gaming server hosting all of the best gaming bots β•‘with more being added all the time! In addition to all the games we also do β•‘community events and DankMemer giveaways! Some other things we offer: β•‘ β•  Create your own voice chat. Decide the name, who has access, bitrate etc β•  A custom server bot which offers an economy system and a leveling system β•  Get rewarded for engagement with custom access leveled VCs and roles. β•  Events including Gartic, Mundae, Rumble Royale, GTN, and more! β•‘ Active and helpful admins and moderation teams β•‘ β•‘We love taking suggestions on new bots and events. We have a whole β•‘suggestion system which allows members to offer ideas and others to vote β•‘on the ideas that are implemented. β•‘We are also a DankMemer premium server! β•‘ β•‘Come Frump aboard today! β•‘Invite link: β•šβ•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•



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