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100% SFW & friendly environment filled with tons of giveaways, events and much more! 🌠


˚₊ đŸĒ Welcome to Furtista! ☕ ˚₊ We are a 100% non-toxic, and SFW community! We are a friendly group of people who allow you to express yourself freely and confidently! We provide great moderation, self-expressional roles, and guaranteed safety! ────────────āŗ‹áƒĻ đŸŒŧ áƒĻāŗ‹â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€ We offer: 🍂 ˚ʚ Lots of Events and Giveaways đŸĨŽ ˚ʚ Server Shop 🍀˚ʚ Affiliates & Partnerships 🍜 ˚ʚ Ranking System đŸŒŧ ˚ʚ Custom VRCHAT World 🍩 ˚ʚ 100% Friendly and wholesome community! ⛰ī¸ ˚ʚ And much much more! ────────────āŗ‹áƒĻ đŸŒŧ áƒĻāŗ‹â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€ Join today, as we want you to be yourself with many other people! 🌍


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