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A relaxing server where you can find new people to chat and become friends with!


#1) We do events time to time so if you love to join events where you could meet new people or play around with some people then this is a good place for you. #2) We try to adjust everything to everyone's likings. #3) We try to make everyone comfortable. We want everyone to feel at their peek so we would do anything to make sure you feel comfortable here. #4) We check up on everyone with a daily checkin. These are very important here. #5) We do giveaways when we can. These can include a variety of things. This can include a in-game item, a game currency, a custom role to your likings, and many more. #6) We accept anyone even if they are different in anyway. This can include sexually, gender orientation, or appearance. #7) We even have a question of the day(QOTD). These questions are very random and aren't generated my a bot. A good portion of them are just reactions but we do have some you can answer to in a different chat.



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