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Chernoris (20 slot) kos/pve ~ full vehicles no cars ~ raid weekend Livonia (16 slot) pve ~ trader ~ full vehicles no cars ~ raid weekend

Description Xbox server --(C)hernoris & (L)ivonia chernoris:pvepvp/kos/raidweekend/20 slot  livonia: pve/raidweekend/16 slot whitelist (both) no crosshairs ~ Keyboard and mouse friendly (both) full trucks~humvee~no cars (both) Ultra dark nights for 20 min (both) C-- Join discord to use trader bot, events, jobs and trader bot/ heatmap/economy/ much more L-- join discord for trader/events/killfeed/heatmap/jobs/trader bot/economy/ much more We got 1.19 (both) Great staff team/looking for more (looking for both) Factions/ groups/ solos (accepted on both) Bring friends ~ well upgrade if slots become full and everything you need to start!



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