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KinkspaceLand is an 18+ server where you can enjoy almost any kink, limitlessly! All you need is a small verification and you can enjoy anything you wish! Roleplay? You got it! Incest? Got it! Hardcore? Got it! Wanna show off some pic? Go ahead! Have a safe and Catfisher free experience at our server!


AHH another kinky human wandering around the huge list of kink servers to choose from? Are you interested in a server which accepts all kinks? A server which lets you even explore hardcore or taboo kinks like Incest, cuckold, hot wife etc? And post stuff of your partners or the ppl ya lust upon? ;) A server where you can try to find a partner of ya liking? Or to meet like minded kinksters? A server where you can try any type of roleplay without thethr fear of being banned? Here you go then, wink wink KinkspaceLand is a server which is totally 18+ and catfisher free. To enter you only need a real selfie of yours and that's all you need to verify, easy isn't it? For this small amount of verification, you can get all these features: ☞Access to vast number of NSFW channels ☞Roles which suit your needs ☞Amazing staff and Catfisher free experience ☞Respectful people ☞Channels for uncommon kinks and Taboo kinks like Incest, cuckold etc! ☞Channels for roleplaying any way you wish! ☞And lots more coming up! Still reading? Interested, aren't you? Then what are you waiting for? Jump right in and join our haven ;)

Server Information