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Semi-Active, kind, and welcoming server! We love new members, so why not join us?


╭・ꮺ﹕🌸꒦・Cutecore, Sleepycore, and more! ﹕୨🍼୧・︰Love giveaways, events, polls, and QOTDS? This server is for you! ﹕୨💭୧・︰Got any suggestions for the server? We have a 'suggesiton(s)' channel! ﹕୨🌸୧・︰If those aren't your thing, why not chat with our bot, Melody! ╰・ʚ🥛꒱﹕And lastly, we do frequently revamp, as it is our duty to make sure everyone is happy with the active-ness of the server, style, and more! support is appreciate, whether that's just joining, boosting, and more! ╭╯・୭・Want to partner/affiliate? We got that too! We love the constnat support of our members!! ﹕໒・🍼ʚ﹒Boost or reach Level 20 to self promote! ♡﹕꒰🌸੭︰Need help finding your way around the sever? There's a channel for that! ╰╮・୭・Media channels, and more, are essential to us! Reach Level 5 for Picture permissions + Media permissions! We'd love to see your creative photos here ! ╭・ଘ🍼꒱﹕Staff Applications are up 24/7! Why not apply to be staff here? ・﹕꒱﹕Our booster perks are to die for, why not check those out? ╰・ଘ🌸꒱﹕Thank you for stopping by at Kittie!



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