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Marvel roleplaying server set after Age of Ultron with canon divergent plot and dedicated staff.


MARVEL DONE RIGHT ! Hello and welcome to Marvel Done Right, where we do just as the title suggests - do right by our characters (or not! The choice is yours.) Based on the MCU but definitely welcoming to most other Marvel characters, MDR follows the timeline up until Age of Ultron. After it, we diverge from canon and rewrite the story ourselves. Our aim is to provide a member-driven but admin-guided flow of events with personalized lore that develops as we move forward, events that add excitement and encourage character integration and development, as well as a safe space for all writers looking to have a good time. The story? General Ross has been pressing enhanced people all over to sign the accords. He will stop at nothing to ensure that they are controlled and used as weapons. Some have conceded, choosing not to play their cards in favor of peace. Others have not. The choice to sign is yours. Ragnarok is upon us! With the use of the Norn Stones, Hela is attacking Asgard and only its destruction can stop her. But what happens to the displaced Asgardians? Tensions are rising and it's clear the newfound peace will not last for long. Some things to note: - MDR is an 18+ server! - We're application based, characters can be reserved. - We're a literate server with flexible writing length. - We require consistent activity to keep the roleplay moving. If you need a break though, hiatuses are more than okay. - We have a trigger list and require trigger warnings when handling triggering content. Our character sheet including taken and especially wanted characters: Why join? - LGBT+ inclusive - Canons only! - Lots of canons are unclaimed still - In character actions have in character consequences - Active, dedicated and patient staff, we're here to help with anything you need. Interested? Come check us out!



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