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Middle Ground - Welcome to MG | Social • Drinking • Hangout! Come on in and meet some new friends! 18+ / SFW / Chill discordhome.com/servers/middleground


# 80s/90s Nostalgia We're a community of people who grew up in the 80s and 90s- before cancel culture, social media and echo chambers. We remember Saturday Morning cartoons, sugary cereal, pogs, rollerblades, MTV playing music, films were good, TV was cheesy and music was good. # Streaming Nights BYOB streaming nights. We regularly stream films, documentaries or just chill in VC. # Discuss! Engage is short or long form conversations in our 'Serious' channels. These are channels for focused discussion on topics the community selects. # Memes and shitposts We love memes and shitposts, but we know there's a time and a place for them. Meme away in our dedicated channels! # Nostalgia Nights We get together (virtually) and talk about things we miss from the past- current events, politics, art, fashion, you name it! # Movie Nights We all get together in a voice channel, choose a movie off of Netflix or another streaming service, and hit play at the same time! # Game Nights We love playing games- we are running RPG sessions regularly and there's always room to get involved! We play D&D 3.5e at the moment :)



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