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A roleplaying and social server. For those who want to work themselves up the "staff ladder" and achieve the highest rank. A unique level system awaits you. Do you have what it takes to reach the top?


A role-playing and social community. We intend to give you a positive and non-toxic experience that gives you many great memories. The server has an extensive staff role structure with many opportunities for you to achieve (staff and non-staff). Are you ready to take on the challenge to reach the top? If so, join today to kick-start your career as a Cashier, Chef or Moderator! Many opportunities are waiting for you… WHAT WE OFFER ──────────────── ✔️ A unique levelling system with 200 levels to achieve but it doesn't stop there... ✔️ A server that’s intended for a 100% positive environment. ✔️ Many Chat XP Boosters to help you obtain levels quicker. ✔️ A vast amount of staff positions for you to potentially achieve: Cashier/Chef, Moderator, Manager, Corporate and Presidential. ✔️ Activity Awards for the most active server members. ✔️ Staff of the Day, Week and Month - Many staff award opportunities.



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