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PLAYGIRL NFT is the first NFT collection of digital top models on the Solana Blockchain.


These are hyper-realistic digital top models to collect and use as a backdrop for your devices, print posters to hang in the room and whatever you want (non-commercial use). PlayGirl has nothing to do with pornography and no private parts are shown. The purpose of the project is to show feminine charm and beauty without nudity because women don't need to be naked to show their charm. If you like art and you like the idea then join PLAYGIRL and discover the magic of female charm! The project is constantly expanding and this means that many more editions will come out. Image previews are watermarked but the file contained within is UHD without watermark. This is to offer guarantee and security of each work only to those who own the original NFT. Each edition includes a digital model in 3 different poses with 3 different outfits + 1 limited edition Bunny style. Each NFT is made individually and no software is used for random generation so each piece is unique, original and there is no second copy. The PLAYGIRL collection is destined to grow and increase in value because the contents are of excellent quality, the idea is unique and the commitment to creation is constant. Join and find out more!



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