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VanillaMC Stands for Freedom of the player, We work with our community to offer the most enjoyable experience possible. with infinite worlds, total freedom is yours. being newbie friendly our server offers no exp loss on death, Chests that store items on death and more incredible ways to enjoy your experience with Minecraft. We are all about Vanilla, But with a twist of fun and creativity. Build Cities, Nations, Governments and Control Taxes, Sell and own land. Own Shops..


VanillaMC is a Life Simulation, start the journey on Earth, upon being born into our server, you will find yourself in the spawn area, here you will use /warp to go to Earth, Moon or any other planets you choose. Would you like to play on an infinite world? We have one! Be careful as you will encounter Seasons such as Winter that bring freezing temperatures , crops dying to the lakes freezing. Run into blizzards, tornados and even meteors. Will your civilization survive what nature has in store? When you get lonely, bring a furry friend! Our server provides Pets, Emotes, Rocket Ships, Music, Arrow effects & MANY MORE! We have over 40+ PREMIUM plugins for you to explore, to footsteps leaving trails, to the leaves changing color in the fall season, to increased animal spawn rates depending on the season, to fireflies in the environment. Our server aims to be as realistic as possible, get sick, become better, make laws and banks. Open shops, Trade and wage wars with armies of mobs! Under your command anything is possible on VanillaMC! [MAIN FEATURES] - TOWNY - MONEY, TRADE, SHOPS, BANKS ETC - SEASONS, WINTER, SUMMER ETC - NATURAL DISASTERS, TORNADOS, EARTHQUEAKS, MEATEORS ETC - CAPTURE MOBS - EXPLORE PLANETS - CREATE GOVERNMENTS AND CULTURE - RULE THE WORLD - BATTLE PASS (FREE AND PAID) - MCMMO - LEVELS - COSMETICS - UNLIMITED WORLDS SERVER IS IN BETA! JOIN OUR DISCORD FOR UPDATES. Version 1.12 - 1.19+ Bedrock IP is



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