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Welcome to SÆHRÍMNIR. We are a new multiversal roleplay server focused on both canons and OCs, with NRP aspects as well.


SÆHRÍMNIR takes place during 2053, a transitional period in humanity's history. Technology advances and men give themselves to the endless cycle of labor and rebirth through their children. Artists look to the inspiration that had been found many times before, reimagining their works into brand new things. The world had been relatively well, but as universes quietly merge into ours, entities come through, either with a bang or seeping through like deadly gas. But they can be blessings too. Our server is purposefully a little vague on purpose, the world is nearing the brink of breakage, and it's important that players can make up the lore. The server doesn't have a ton of set-in-stone story and we'd be interested in having people make their own so we can all make an interesting and engaging experience.



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