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Hello, I am a small twitch streamer I mostly play black ops3 zombies,minecraft,RDR2 once I get a setup will be playing a lot more games my community is all about supporting and helping others get to there goals dont have a lot of people at the moment


Hello my name is detested use to be detestedbike but my name irl is Collin I am a twitch streamer and I work on peoples discords for 10 bucks just to make a little bit of money I work in home health services so basically I go to elderly peoples houses and help them with what they need help with I am 19 years old (don’t know if I wasn’t suppose to tell my age) but I am currently working on moving so I can start streaming again there is a few reasons why I stream at a very young age I always wanted to play games and build a community in 2nd grade my teacher had everyone write what they wanted to be when they grow up and I put gamer and my teacher said that wasn’t a “real job” so I put emt-firefighter and I am currently carrying on a promise me and my bestfriend had together but he past away a few years ago so I am doing this for him but hello to everyone hope that I can support anyone that I can and whoever I support can support me back in the future



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