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It's a Playstation server where it will be used for participants to play games with each other and find help for games that require multiplayer Playstation trophies. It also gives participants opportunities to social, share their knowledge within different channels. My server will be different because it will have a variety of different game channels to choose from and will aim to help others achieve their trophies.


This server will be aimed at participants wanting to play multiplayer Playstation games that are trophy hunters, and those that like a variety of game channels. There will be challenges for participants to do - for honours. My aim is to make sure the server will have a good community, is social, and include participants who are willing to help others. Things that will be on the server include that members can post recent pickups/goods you buy, and will be able to pick up roles that they are leveled on Playstation. It is important that members to stay true to the rules.



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