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Be a wizard, demon or a king in God's Marble Races There are many races that inhabit the land. Choose one you find fitting! Or just create one Half-breeds are allowed.


Story The unspeakable god of Evil is building an army of thralls to take back His domain on earth. The demon lord Borkroman, in the name of his Evil God, lays claim to the lands. With an army of underlings and a cosmic, dark force at his side, it’s certain that the world is doomed. Of course, this is where you step in. To protect your homeland, of course! Challenges and battles will surely befall you, but you must overcome them. In the name of humanity, or whatever mortal race, you must strike down the demons and restore peace to the land. Of course, this is assuming you aren’t a demon yourself (you’re free to play as one of those, too!)



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