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Welcome to dwmon slayer sundown! this is a demon slayer server that takes place arouns 200 years after the defeat of upper moon one


-------Incoming Messege...----- ```Welcome to Demon Slayer: Sundown This is a Demon Slayer server that takes place almost 200 years after the defeat of the first upper moon. During that time a almost peaceful era came over the world as the threat of muzan was lessened due to all of the upper moons being dead. But peace doesn't last forever. The peace that is the sun will always set.... and when that does The demons will strike again. And this time this generation will finish the job``` ---------------------------- **Server Info!** - An Storyline that's driven by Ocs taking place 200 years after the defeat of kokoushibo - A Growing community thats being filled with friendly faces - Oc scaling shown through time - Bloodlines that allow access to special traits - Giveaways to things like sun breathing and the kamado bloodline! -Special Audtions For Hashira and Uppermoons -And much more to come! ```and heres a tiny secret. straight from the owner.... in the future im planning to showcase a very special power that can be used in roleplay``` If any of that intrested you then please dont hesitate to join the world of the Sundown Era See ya there!



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