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$SQM Coin, Cryptocurrency with games. Once you start the game, there is no turning back


$SQM ECOSYSTEM: Each new game that is launched greatly stimulates the $SQM economy by adding liquidity, burning SQM tokens, and applying buying pressure to the token. Go to our medium article for more in-depth info and read about The SquidMoon project: https://medium.com/@SquidMoonCoin/squid-moon-introduction-6df5bd714595 FIRST SQUID MOON GAME 1. Place your bet in BNB 2. Guess an even or odd number of marbles 3. Increase your score and collect your share of a massive prize at the end of the game This competition is very straightforward. You will be required to first place your bet in BNB. Next, you will guess if there is an even number or an odd number of marbles in the other player's hand. Depending on how well you perform you will increase your score to collect a substantial prize at the end of the game. Or you will lose, and collect nothing ☺️ Players participating in Squid Moon games and actively engaging with the $SQM token will be rewarded with limited edition commemorative Squid NFTs once the game is concluded. For this first game, we will have 5 unique NFT’s, in limited quantities. Please check our medium article you can find links to in the official-links channel. WHAT'S NEXT Our website which includes a roadmap and much more are being built as we speak. Before and after, the team will be active on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram sharing all kinds of project-related information and listening to our community. Stay tuned! #SQUIDFAM



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