Stranded Light: Transformers Multiverse

Stranded Light: Transformers MultiverseBasic

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An LGBTQIA+ Transformers RP server where the Lost Light explores the multiverse! Canon & AU worlds. OCS & Canons allowed


During their last victory lap the crew of the Lost Light decides to attempt one last stunt and duplicates themselves so they are free to continue their adventures without anyone there to stop them. The original Lost Light returns to Prowl, while the duplicate with its duplicate crew jumps the fence between universes and runs towards their newfound freedom. But the Lost Light has always been a magnet for trouble, and now on top of that it seems to be a magnet for visitors from all over the multiverse as well as confused people keep popping up in the close vicinity of the ship with no explanation as for why. It's almost as if by escaping its fate and own universe the Lost Light became a beacon for lost souls throughout the multiverse, and now has to adapt to it's steadily growing crowd of people who are looking for a way back home. While the science department is hard at work to figure out how to send these people back to their homes, the trouble never ceases rolling in and the endless adventures of the Lost Light are just beginning. Stranded Light offers to you: ★ a PG-16 LGBTQIA+ space to interact with other likeminded people ☆ a chance to play as both canon and OC characters ★ a staff led plot to participate in ☆ semi-literate to advance literate players



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