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Readings, Astrology Interpretations, & Spell Casting services from a professional occultist & diviner of 10 yrs! Occult related items are available for purchase as well, come check them out!


Divination, Palm Readings, Spell Casting Services, Astrology Chart Interpretations, Hand-made Ritual Oils, Spirit Board / Ouija Sessions, & Custom Sigil Creation from a professional occultist & diviner of 10 yrs! Occult related 3D printed items are available for purchase as well! Animal skulls, divination tools, candle holders, dragons, & more! ✨ Detailed Full Natal/Birth Chart Interpretations in a multi-page document you can keep! ✨ Palm Readings: Full Palm Readings (Fingers, Lines, & Mounts), Love, & Money/Career! ✨ Divination: tarot / oracle, runes, dice, pendulum, letter block messages, 8 ball, coin toss & 2nd opinion interpretation of cards you’ve drawn for yourself! Pick a deck that resonates with you, from the "pick a deck" channel, & I will use it in your reading! ✨ Custom spells & rituals are also available! Choose to get a custom spell for you to perform yourself, or have one created performed for you! ✨ Hand-made Ritual Oils for any intention, situation, ritual/spell, & more! ✨ Spirit Board / Ouija Sessions (30, 60, or 90mins) to get answers from a loved one or entity / deity! 2 spirit board options to choose from. A pendulum can be used with the board instead of the looking glass for the circular board! ✨ Custom Sigils created for any intention you can think of with so many customization options that the possibilities are endless! ✨



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