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Are you looking for a close knit community to safely explore kink, without the worry of being judged? Check out The Villainous lair! We are a laidback community that takes your safety and security seriously. We have customizable voice channels, level locked photo and task channels, and lots of event options!


We are looking for active users to grow our community. All are welcome, from newbies, to the folks who have been in the lifestyle for years! We have a wide variety of event from Movie nights, to gaming nights. You can even host your own events with our pingable roles! Have you ever felt uncomfortable posting your lewds, unsure of who will see them? No need to worry in The Villainous lair! Our lewd channels are set behind a short leveling system. While we are not a traditional ‘sexting’ server we do enjoy a lot of sex positive talk and naughty time in our voice and text channels. Come sip your toes in or jump in head first. There is something for everyone here!



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