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Small but growing community with 20+ channels full of fun. Come join and find out more :)


Welcome to TITAN ☆ SOCIAL! We are a small but quickly growing community full of active people with a ton of interests. In this server you'll have the opportunity of meeting new friends, playing with bots, entertaining voice calls and participating in server events. In this server we offer: A variety of different bots such as Mudae, Karuta, Idle Miner, Poketwo,. Self-assignable roles so you can find others who share similar interests/hobbies. 20+ channels for all sorts of hobbies and topics such as anime, art, food, pets, gaming, etc. Server events: Hosting movie/anime nights, Game nights (Skribbl.io, Jackbox, Gartic Phone, Among us, etc.) Different colored ranks where you can recieve rewards and perks as you level up. An active and helpful staff, 50+ Emotes and stickers ! ✩ Open for partnerships Come join us and find a new place to call home ♡



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