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Join the best Wager Cord! We have... ✨Free Entry Tournaments ✨Trusted Wagers ✨Sidebets ✨Pros ✨Big money Tokens ✨ Trusted Middleman-mans


NETWORKING, MONEY BACK, TRUSTED SAFE PLACE •MONEY BACK - you're almost guaranteed to make your money back from side betting or to wager against others in the cord. •TRUSTED SAFE PLACE- WAGER CORD has the best admins and middle men that the Fortnite wager community has to offer, so you would not have to worry about getting scammed, an admin being biased, or you getting mistreated. (IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT MIDDLE-MANNING SOMEONE FOR A HUGE AMOUNT MAKE SURE TO DM SINISTER, LAYE, OR JAYBRD FOR A SECOND OPINION) •NETWORKING- the opportunities that these cord offers are endless, you can build an infinite amount of connections (if talking to the right people) that can help you take the next step forward in life with this wager cord. there are too many reasons why this wager cord would be a good purchase to type but hopefully, you get get the point I'm trying to lay out here. PS. THE CORD BUYIN RIGHT NOW IS 25 BUT WILL BE GETTING HIGHER SOON, SO MAKE SURE TO BUYIN NOW WHILE THE PRICE IS $25. THE FRIEND GROUP BUYIN DEAL IS STILL HERE FOR THE REST OF MARCH, MAKE SURE TO BUYIN AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL THE DEALS THIS CORD HAS TO OFFER @here 25 DOLLAR BUYIN IS GOING TO BE UPPED SOON



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