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Discord server for a YouTube channel with almost 8,000 subscribers is looking for some help moderating over 450 members. Owner would like to feel like he can step away more often.


I am Cove, and I run a Discord Server for my YouTube channel series that I make called Total Drama Next Generation, a fan-made sister series to the popular 'Total Drama Island' series. The show is nothing fancy, just a glorified powerpoint basically lol but I have somehow accrued a very passionate and loyal fanbase. I have almost 8,000 subscribers and about 450 members [about 100 consistently active members I would say] in the server. I am looking to step away from the server as well as rejuvenate it, as the overall vibe is getting a little too, for lack of a better word, toxic. I could use some slightly older and mature moderators to help run the server.


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