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🥛 💖✧VC Focused Server🍥Events🍥Giveaways🍥Make Friends🍥Immersive/Interactive Server Systems🍥Seeking partners!! :D✧💖🥛


🥛 ʚ VC2 ɞ ๑ A growing community server to chat with people, make friends, and to have fun! ♡ ⊹ An active VC-focused community dedicated to creating fun events, making new friends, and having a chance at being included in our TikTok channel! ⊹ ・ Server compilations and clips get posted on our TikTok (@VC2Official). ・ Totally kawaii stickers and emotes of our server mascot: Voice-Chan²! ・ Fun and interactive events. ・ Interactive server systems -> Medals, rep system, and awards system with more features to come! ・ Friendly community with active VCs everyday! 🌸 ⊹ Invite Link: ⊹ TikTok: 🧁 Pre-1000 members reward currently available! 🌸 Get your spot. :). 🧁



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